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Below is a list of those affiliates and portal webmasters of the Casino Affiliate Convention advisory board. (Listed in Alphabetical Order):

  • Bryan Bailey
    Mr. Bailey (aka "Casino Meister") runs the casino watchdog site Mr. Bailey is an expert online casino industry. He has articles in numerous gaming publications and is a frequent speaker at conferences.

  • J. Todd
    J. Todd is the administrator of the Association of Players & Casino Webmasters (APCW). J. Todd is an expert on affiliate statistics and provides insight as to affiliate performance in the online gaming industry.

  • Michael Caselli
    Michael Caselli has been involved in the gaming industry since 1996 when he completed his Masters work at the University of London (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine) analyzing the viability of gaming on the Internet. Since then, Michael has helped to successfully launch several online and print gaming publications including, Gambling Online Magazine, iGaming Business, Bluff Magazine, Bluff Europe and Magazine. Michael Caselli is considered one of the world’s leading experts on online gaming and has served as chairman of numerous International forums and conferences that focus on interactive gaming throughout Europe, Asia and America.

  • Michael Corfman
    Mr. Corfman is the President and CEO of Casino City, the world's largest provider of casino and gaming information. He is also the Executive Director of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association. Mr. Corfman made national headlines when he sued the U.S. Department of Justice in 2004 for the right to run online casino advertising.

  • Christopher Costigan
    Christopher Costigan (aka "Sting") runs the websites and Mr. Costigan also is president of Costigan Media. As an expert in sports and gambling related information, he has been mentioned in CBS News, Forbes Magazine, Fox Sports, as well as numerous other media.

  • "Dominique"
    "Dominique" runs the portal She is well known in the casino affiliate community and a proponent of affiliate business fairness.

  • Daniel Olinsky
    As the Chief Editor of Online Casino Reports, Mr. Olinsky produces original high-quality videos with gambling news, casino reviews, industry events coverage and more. Mr. Olinsky is highly regarded by both players and industry professionals.

  • Jeremy Enke
    Mr. Enke, runs, the fastest growing poker affiliate forum. He is considered to be one of the most respected affiliate webmasters in the poker community amongst webmasters and players alike. Mr. Enke is an expert in the online and offline poker industry.

  • Marc Lesnick
    Mr. Lesnick is the organizer of the Casino Affiliate Convention. Mr. Lesnick runs the websites and Mr. Lesnick has been mentioned in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Business Week Magazine, National Public Radio, Forbes Magazine as well as other media.

  • Kevin Lindsay-Payne
    Mr. Lindsay-Payne, more commonly known as "Peralis", has been running since 1998. He is one of the most respected webmasters in the industry amongst webmasters and players alike. "Peralis" is an expert in the affiliate marketing community.

  • Andrew Mueller
    Mr. Mueller runs Affiliate Guard, considered to be the most trusted casino affiliate program watch dog site for affiliates.


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